"We increased our sales by 50% when we worked with a curated Komedy team" - Scentbird

We Help Boring Brands Become Interesting

On a Mission to Make Ads Funny Again

to Help Brands Connect with their Customers in an Authentic Way


Banish Boring

Entertain Your Customers

Watch Your Sales Soar

"Am I about to read something inspirational?" 

Your Brand Deserves To Stand Out From The Noise

But There's a problem...

Developing Fresh Ideas (That Work) Is Expensive​​

You Have 7 Seconds To Get Noticed These Days

A 'Tiger King' Is Hogging Your Customer's Attention

Making Content That's Memorable Is Difficult

Last Year's Campaigns Don't Talk To This Year's Customer

Customers Demand To Be Entertained (How Selfish...)​

Komedy provides custom-curated teams of marketers and comedians who create humorous campaigns.
All for a fraction of the cost of other services.
"Ok, so what's the 'Big Whoop' about Komedy?"

Gain Your Competitive Advantage

Grow Your Brand’s 

Mind Share


Be the first brand your customers think of when they have money to spend.

More Than Just 
Being Funny


Get the "spark" your team needs to create fresh ideas, even if the deliverable won't be funny.  

Inject Soul Into 
Your Brand's Voice


In a world of Gillettes, be a Dollar Shave Club. Be uncommon 
in a world of common brands. 

"The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible." 
- David Ogilvy

Bring Your Customer Into Your Brand Story To

Inform, Entertain, and Sell

Without Komedy

Groupthink Ideas flowing around from the same people get stale after time.

Ignored and Forgotten Money wasted on bland ads only get skipped and lost in the sea of other content.

Marketing Incest It's hard to break out of the same kind of marketing content that your competitors are also doing.

Faceless Brand Your audience is detached because you're brand lacks personality and doesn't speak directly to them.

Vetting Talent Browsing, vetting, and onboarding talents one-by-one on marketplaces is a tedious process.

Difficult to In-House Employees come with the same payroll while creative workload varies from month to month.

With Komedy

Idea Generation Get an injection of fresh perspectives and creative inspiration.

Be Seen and Remembered Humor disarms as it's unexpected and spreads joy. Increase eyeballs and recall.

Audience-First Thinkers People love to spread laughter. Making your campaign humorous makes it more shareable.

​Be Relatable Humor humanizes your brand and increases kinship with your audience over customer pain points.

Pre-Vetted Talent Get a pre-vetted, pre-onboarded team that can hit the ground running.

Scale as Needed A creative team that grows or shrinks as needed; no more no less.


Imagine that the team behind SNL was your creative marketing team?

With Komedy, you can have our own Comedy Writer’s Room with Comedians who have appeared on or written for SNL, Comedy Central, The Daily Show, and more.

"Are The Comedians Even Funny?" 

Meet a Few of Our Vetted Comics

+300 More Comedians...
"My favorite radio station is playing 'WIIFM' - what's in it for me?" 

What to Expect When You Choose Komedy



Our Comedy Creators are pre-vetted, pre-qualified, pre-onboarded, and pre-contracted so you can skip the hassle.


Custom Curation

We curate, you approve. Get your own dedicated team for your creative needs. No bloat; only talents that add value.


Creative Captain

Tell us your destination and your Creative Captain will take you there. You can be as hands on or hands off as you like.


Payment Transparency

One click payment to rule them all. Forget individual 1099s. Engage creative talents with straightforward pricing. 


Remote Collaboration

Work with a remote creative team while keeping your payroll lean. Flexibly scale or pause your team as you please.


Talent Diversity

Tap into a network of talents from various backgrounds and personalities who relate directly to your consumers.

"What Do I Need To Do Next?"

How It Works

Step #1


Apply for Strategy Call

Complete the survey to see what Komedy could do for your business

Step #2


Curate Your Team

Your Creative Captain will curate a team of comedy creators specific to your needs.

Step #3


Get Creative(s)

Enjoy getting creative and receiving creatives to gain the attention you want.

"What Do I Need To Do Next?" 

Your Creative Captain will curate a team of comedy creators specific to your needs.

How much content are you going to create that gets “clicks” 

but never “connects”?


It’s not that they don’t buy from you... it’s that they don’t BUY YOU!


Your brand doesn’t connect with your audience.


How much is ineffective ads really costing your business? 

What’s the difference between being irrelevant vs. non-existent?


What is the cost of a new idea?


How many ads haven't fully connect with the audience? 


What are the real problems this has caused for your brand?

The True Cost of Komedy

"I'm not sure what I want, do you have any sample cups" 

Try Some Of Our Favorite Flavors

All Items Start at $497


1 Blog Post


Whether it's punch-ups in an existing article or writing a new one

5 Memes


You' deliver images, the comedians deliver 
the Captions

20 Tweets


It could be a single tweet, or a series that pulls people in

1 Video Script


30-second video script for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

"Uhh... I still have questions"

Here's Some More FAQs

What Exactly is Komedy?

Let's start with what Komedy is not. We're not a production firm, influencer marketplace, nor a brand strategy agency. A successful video can be high production or it can be scrappy and organic, something you and your friends shot on your cell phone. The key is having a great idea and script, and we can make that happen. That's the beauty of Komedy - you get to control the budget behind the production.

What makes comedians qualified to help me with my marketing?

Comedians are "Audience-First Thinkers" who 1) know the importance of knowing your demographic (oftentimes they are your demographic), 2) are good at being relatable 3) are trained in creating engaging and interactive content and 4) have a clear process and strategy. Additionally, our Creative Captains come from a background of both comedy and marketing. Needless to say, you're in safe hands.

Does Humor Really Help Sales?

Harvard and Nielsen found humor to be the #1 most effective ad message type, even during a recession. Around 80% of professionals say humor in B2B marketing makes a brand more likable.

We are a serious/luxury business.  Wouldn't humor be a bad fit for us?

Not only can humor help "serious" or "luxury" brands get noticed, it also helps you seem more personal. Plus, if all your competitors are boring, humor is a great way for you to stand apart.

Can you work with my influencers or production agency?

Of course. Our comedians will supercharge the content that gets produced by your production agency, your favorite influencers, and your preferred marketing agency. We also have trusted production and influencer marketplace partners that we can connect you with.

What kind of comedians can

I expect from Komedy?

Komedy's comedians go through a 3-stage vetting process where we determine their abilities for creativity, humor, and storytelling. They are the "invisible" teams behind your favorite comedy shows, like Conan O'Brien, SNL, Comedy Central, and more. Komedy essentially cuts through the red tape of otherwise inaccessible talent and make them available to your brand. 

Can humor solve all my marketing 
and sales problems?

No. If your business sucks, the effects of humor will be limited for you. But if you have a great product and need to compete against the giants, humor can level the playing ground.

OK, but we still don't want our ad to be funny. Can we still use Komedy?

Even if your intention isn't to be funny, you can still extract valuable ideas from comedy thinking and ideation. As David Ogilvy, the father of advertising, once said, "The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible." We couldn't agree more, David.

If Humor is poorly executed, 

won't it damage my brand?

Aye! If you use the humor in the wrong context, it could backfire. That's why it's important to work with Professional Comedians who have had years of experience AB testing and honing their messaging with live audiences. To be truly innovative and creative, a little risk is involved, but Komedy has a framework that ensures we take the comedic risk we take is measured [and assisted by data]. Proven model / framework.

Our product is dull. Can humor help us?

If humor can help a razor (Dollar Shave Club) or an insurance (Geico) company be interesting, it can help you. Studies even show that the more boring your product or brand is, the more humor can help.

Can you make my brand go viral?

Who Owns the Content

the Comedians Create?

They write it, you own it. Nuff said.

Yes and no. No one can sell you virality because no one can guarantee it. That said, humor can increase the likelihood of your ad getting noticed and shared, and when the stars align, could very well go viral.